Ratzel Diclo graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a minor in Accounting. He has worked in the Technology field as a Senior Service Bureau Engineer for the past 13 years for a Fortune 500 company. He has worked with multiple clients from all around the world for companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot to name a few. Providing outstanding customer service and solving all his clients requests with his keen attention to detail and focus is a key part to his success.

Ratzel also works in the Real Estate industry as an investor doing multiple flip/rehab projects. He understands the buyer and seller perspectives from the home buying/selling process and allows him to use that experience to understand what his clients want, need and expect. Coming from an engineering background he has always been labeled a “numbers guy” and with that mindset he has used that strength to crunch the numbers for all his projects.

In the Mortgage field, Ratzel brings a wealth of technological experience and background to the new wave of tools that we use to help our clients achieve the best possible rate and make the home loan process smooth. He dedicates himself to listening to all his clients requests and provides the best possible options to fit their specific needs. His problem solving skills make him an asset to our team as he will go the extra mile to find a solution. His work ethic, focus and commitment make him an integral part to our team and you can rest assured that with your loan in his hands you have nothing to worry about.