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What Our Clients & Partners Say...

What Our Clients Are Saying

Mr. Llavona conducted himself in a very professional manner throughout the process. He was very diligent, courteous and patience. He answered all my questions and concerns promptly and in simple ways to be understood. He provided accurate detailed information; my wife and I are very pleased with his work and assistance. We have bought other houses, dealt we loan mortgages and all types of loan officers/processors/advisers, … Mr. Llavona is a Top of the line loan expert who made this process a pleasant experience.


Excellent Customer Service and Care. I had a great first time buyer experience, and would highly recommend to my family and friends. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
-Adriana Cancel

I appreciate his work, honesty, professionalism , dedication, and his quality in working as a team with us. I recommend his work and service. Thank you Pablo because other than helping with our finances, you were our friend.

-juanmiguel plata

First of all thanks God and Pablo Llavona with Approved Morgage I am a new home owner. When I start this process with Mr. Pablo he explained step by step with a good Communications skills with me and the morgage company. It was a really good experience work together on 30 days I did my closing. 100% recommended. Need Loan call Pablo.


We’re greatly appreciative to Mr. Pablo Llavona for guiding us through the process of financing our new home. He’s expertise and knowledge of his job was the key for my wife and I moving forward with our decision. I thank Mr. Pablo Llavona for his professionalism and dedication to our needs.

-Jose & Ana

Pablo and his team at Approved Mortgage are great to work with. Pablo took his time with me and explained that the mortgage process is not what it used to be prior to 2008. He told me there would be a lot of document gathering and that I would probably not like him at the end of the process because banks ask for everything short of a stool sample and your first born. He also said nothing worth doing is easy and that as long as I was willing to do the work with him, he would get me in a house in 30 days. Well, Pablo was right… The bank did ask for documentation but he delivered on his promise to get me in my house in 30 days. I cannot say enough good things about him or Robert, these guy definitely know what they are doing.


My lender was amazing. He went out of his way to make sure it got done quick easy and stress-free for me. I’d highly recommend him to everybody he has very professional and his people that work for him.


After getting turned down at 2 banks locally, Pablo took the time to review my file and explain to me why the other banks turned it down and why he could get it done. Process was smooth, even though they asked for a lot of documentation, an explanation was given as to why it was needed, so I felt comfortable with the whole process. Pablo is a stand up guy and obviously more knowledgeable than the people that turned me down. I was able to move into my home within a month, so that was a plus as I have heard horror stories from co-workers with loans that took several months to close.


This is the 3rd house I bought in my life, but the one I plan on retiring in. Pablo was a blessing from day one he told me the different options I had for purchasing a home and I ended up deciding to use the 1% down payment program he offers. He explained to me that home buying process now took a little longer than the last time I purchased a home in New York and that it could take anywhere from 20 to 45 days. He also told me, “I will work as fast or as slow as you would like me too. ” I told him I wanted to blow through the process as fast as possible and got him everything he asked me for the same day doing that, we were able to close in 22 days. Pablo is definitely a man of his word he explained to me the Loan Estimate and assured me that if I was OK with those numbers that by the time the final numbers came in, I would be disappointed. Everything he said was true! I would recommend Pablo with my eyes closed! He is by far one of the few stand up men in the business. I wish him continued success and anyone reading this call Pablo!!!! =)


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